Wheat Germ Oil, 100 ml - Food

Wheat Germ Oil, 100 ml - Food

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  • 100% pure plant oil
  • Rich in vitamins E-F, linoleic and oleic acid, tocopherols and phospholipes
  • Ideal Aromatherapy base



Wheat Germ Oil is a 100% edible pure plant oil, rich in vitamins E-F, linoleic and oleic acid, that are important parts of tocopherols and phospholipids. Of particular importance is the presence of octacosanol, which helps to improve resistance to physical fatigue and mental efficiency

Nutritionally it is excellent in children’s, the elderly and athletes’ diets.

Nutritional information – Average values per 100 ml

  • ENERGY 3687 KJ / 897 Kcal
  • FATS 99 g, with saturated fatty acids 21 g 
  • CARBOHYDRATES 0 g, with 0 g sugar 
  • PROTEIN 0 g
  • SALT < 0.01 g The salt content is exclusively due to naturally presence of sodium.

Botanical name
Triticum vulgare
100 ml
Does not contain
Genetically modified ingredients (GMO)

Wheat germ is extracted during wheat flour refinement so that the organoleptic characteristics of the flour is not altered.

In recent years wheat germ oil has been used widely in cosmetics thanks to its richness in fatty acids and vitamins, in particular E-germ with its antioxidant, nourishing and natural emollients properties that compensate for skin dryness, dehydration caused by atmospheric agents and counteracts the level of free radicals. It increases skin luminosity and elasticity.  Wheat germ oil is also widely used in the care and well-being of hair because of its normalizing action, that also makes it suitable for dry skin or with excessive sebum production. In Ayurveda, wheat germ oil is a rebalancing agent for Vata skin types (characterized by dry, thin, wrinkled, cold and chapped skin).

  • Food-grade oil
  • Made with cold pressure from wheat shoots
  • Free of genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)
  • Made with renewable energy with ZERO impact

100% pure plant oil produced from cold-pressed wheat shoots (Triticum vulgare) and plant sourced vitamin E.

For correct dietary use it is recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons of wheat germ oil everyday. Ideal Aromatherapy base to be mixed with essential oils: to Wheat Germ Oil add 2-3 drops of preferred 100% pure essential oils most suitable for the intended use.

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