The princess who pours perfumes

In 1989, when we founded FLORA, we needed to find an image to represent the company and express our passion, elegance, care and love of our work. At the same time, we wanted it to emphasise the precious nature of these drops of essential oils, with their many beneficial properties, produced from Nature’s leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits... This was our mantra in searching for that special something, and we have continued to use it for over 30 years when creating our well-being products for ourselves, for our friends and for our customers. And then we had a revelation... “FLORA”... a meaningful name, representing the promise of an eternal union with Nature.

The symbolic image is reminiscent of a maiden – the goddess of the first natural cosmetics products, standing on her tiptoes with the utmost concentration, care and love, pouring precious, glistening droplets of aromatics from one amphora to another, in a gesture that conveys:

- Awareness of traditions
- Care and consideration
- Simplicity and solidity
- Elegance and preciousness
- Droplets as atoms of life

Our Droplets, Our Soul

The very heart of our products: droplets of 100% pure essential oils and plant extracts are Nature’s perfumed treasures. The slightest scent is enough to understand that this moment is something unique and special. A truly precious olfactory experience.

Essential oils are “droplets of light”, the very souls of plants. Continued use over time gives the best results for our physical and also our mental well-being. Our products don’t just come exclusively from organic and biodynamic growers, but also from the passion and love that we put into them during production.

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