Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

For our company and our employees, the quality of our products and protection of the environment, health and safety represent the pillars on which we have built our plans for developing production in order to meet the needs of our Customers and other stakeholders, focusing our attention on the company’s process dynamics and attempting to eliminate dangers and minimise the risks related to our work. To put our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy into practice, we have devised strategies based on continuous improvement. With the implementation of our integrated management system, at FLORA, we have set out the following objectives:

  • To present and explore a modern, environmentally sustainable way of life, for the Health and Well-being of contemporary Bioconsumers, through our own media channels, our website (www.flora.bio) and the journal L’Aromatario;
  • To promote company growth by using an organised management system, without losing sight of the health and safety of our employees, environmental safeguards and conscientious use of natural resources;
  • To spread a Culture of Quality, care for the Environment and Health and Safety in the workplace, both internally and externally through training, information and communication, encouraging staff involvement;
  • To plan, formulate and create Well-being products for a growing audience, which are organic and Demeter certified and characterised by the use of ingredients produced according to certified organic and biodynamic farming practices, without the use of any form of synthetic substances, also ensuring that none of these are tested on animals;
  • To choose and use equipment, resources and raw materials sensibly, bearing in mind their environmental impact and potential risks for health and safety;
  • To reduce the residual risks to health and safety of our staff by developing and regular updating of appropriate training programmes, the use of work instructions and management processes for emergency situation which could be dangerous for humans and/or have a negative environmental impact;
  • To maintain a constant collaboration with our suppliers of raw materials and/or services. These partners should be valued for the reliability of the products and/or services provided;
  • To enable the company to meet service-level agreements made with Customers, in terms of product quality, control of production costs, compliance with delivery deadlines and offering consistent aftersales support for our Customers;
  • To carry out improvement actions through the management and analysis of profit & loss, complaints and non-conformities;
  • To comply with the requirements of the relevant standards which the company has signed up to in terms of quality, environment and safety;
  • To assess the environmental aspects and impact of our work, products and services, and to put in place control and monitoring systems to enable us to reduce our environmental impact and avoid potential risks;
  • To assess hazards in the workplace and in the work carried out, in order to reduce the risk of these, including through the consultation with and engagement of workers and their representatives;
  • To educate, train and inform all our employees to make them aware, responsible and engaged in the work of FLORA in caring for the environment, health and safety in the workplace;
  • To implement a Management System for Health, Environment and Safety in the workplace, in line with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards, recognised in Europe and worldwide;
  • To constantly PURSUE opportunities for continuous improvement, in our Health, Safety and Environment policies, starting with an accurate Risk Assessment, carried out in collaboration with each Area Coordinator and interested parties;
  • To EDUCATE AND INFORM all interested parties about the Health, Environment and Safety policies adopted by FLORA to make them aware of and engaged in FLORA’s commitment to protecting our planet, the environment and the well-being of our partners and consumers.

These objectives can be achieved through the dedicated commitment of the FLORA TEAM and our external partners, who work hard every day to make this a reality.  Our current Health, Environment and Safety Policy is reviewed and approved every year by Management as part of a review meeting or whenever needed, in order to keep it up to date, relevant, collaborative, respected and shared with everyone who works in our organisation.

Last Updated: 8 December 2022

Mario Rosario Rizzi

Chair FLORA srl

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