How are FLORA products made?

We combine knowledge and creativity in a natural, controlled and scientific process.

Plants inspiring FLORA’s soul: we always start from the deep knowledge of a plants’ healing and beneficial properties, working to create safe and effective treatment preparations. FLORA's constant commitment is to guarantee certified, controlled and high quality raw ingredients arriving in our laboratories from nature to then be prepared and combined for you our customer.

The approach makes the difference

An excellent product is always the result of an excellent approach. It is on this assumption that the entire production process is based. It is from this choice in approach and working methods to be used that the road to quality excellence begins.

Our strengths:

  • how we listen to the customer
  • a leading research and development department
  • rigorous scientific process set on uncompromisingly high quality
  • awareness of our team
  • our dedication

Our production process

FLORA srl is involved in the Regional Project NANOCube

Innovative technologies development to create nanoapsules and nanosystems for controlled release of functional substances for biomedical and cosmetic applications.

Project financed within the framework of POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

Project goals:

In December 2016 the project “ Development of innovative technologies to create nanocapsules and nanosystems for controlled release substances for biomedical and cosmetic applications” whose acronym is NANOCUBE, was accepted for financing by the Tuscany Region. The project intends to develop original active nanometrics systems for biomedical and cosmetic applications, such as:
•    Nanomaterials in the form of nanofibers and core-shell nanocapsules for local treatment of skin
•    Nanomaterials in the form of nanofibers and core-shell nanocapsules 100% of vegetable origin for release of natural substances (essential oils) for a cosmetic or dermocosmetic (class I non-sterile medical devices) use.
•    Self-supporting, nanostructured, bio-active patches for the treatment of chronic wounds.
NANOCUBE's goal is also to develop the right equipment for the production of such nanostructured systems, overcoming the current technological and commercial barriers.
The project was presented by the Tuscan consortium composed of the coordinator TECHA S.r.l., FLORA S.r.l., Linari Engineering S.r.l, supported by Laboratory for Biomaterials & Graft Technology,CNR-IFC, excellence in the field of biomaterials and biotechnologies.

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