FLORA and PRIMAVERA LIFE in Germany: essential oils, aromatherapy, passion

This extraordinary adventure producing 100% pure essential oils grew from small beginnings. It all started thanks to the series of Aromatherapy courses supported by the expert Susanne Fischer: the growing need for 100% pure essential oils suddenly became apparent. So four friends, Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, Ute Leube, Konrad Leube and Mario Rosario Rizzi, founded the PRIMAVERA project in a small laboratory tucked away in their house in the German mountains. This was in 1986. Since then, building on their knowledge of agriculture, they have worked to select the best 100% pure essential oils, with Bio and Demeter assured quality, and use and sell them around the World.

The story of a truly Italian company

Given the large, growing market in Germany for 100% pure essential oils, Mario Rosario Rizzi and Sonia De Angelis decided to bring Aromatherapy to Italy, and on 4 August 1989, they founded FLORA in Castellina Marittima in Pisa. At the start, it was a real challenge: they were pioneers in a brand-new market in Italy at a time when organic farming was in its infancy and biodynamics was almost unheard of. Rosario and Sonia had faith in their project, in the professional role of the herbalist, in the ongoing need for 100% pure essential oils and in the growing Aromatherapy scene in Italy.

This is how, more than 30 years ago, FLORA became a reference point for our skills and knowledge, and the certified high quality of our products. It’s how we have become a guarantee for our customers who, through our experience and products, have come to know and appreciate the real benefits of aromatherapy for body and mind.

FLORA is about transforming and changing lifestyles – responsibility and well-being for yourself and for others. We are constantly looking towards Nature, sharing its strength in complete harmony thanks to distilled extracts from flowers, leaves and fruits. The idea of bringing Nature into our homes through marvellous essential oils has become a reality.

Today FLORA is a modern and dynamic reality, which ensurese highest quality products and careful attention to you, the customer.

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