The history of FLORA Srl is strictly connected with the one of PRIMAVERA LIFE GmbH in Germany 

The extraordinary adventure of production of essential oils was born in particular circumstances. It all began from the numerous courses of Aromatherapy that the expert aromatherapist, Susanne Fischer, held throughout Bavaria: it was so fascinating to hear her speak about aromatic plants, essential oils, of their benefits and how to recognize the quality, that all the partecipants were asking where to find those prodigious essential oils of which she boasted excellence. So big were the impact and the curiosity raised that, at the end, the three friends, Susanne Fischer-Rizzi, Ute Leube and Mario Rosario Rizzi, created in 1986 the project PRIMAVERA, in Germany, in a small laboratory set up in the mountain house where they were living, Haberrelte. 

Everyone of them used the qualities and competence acquired:

Mario Rosario, founder of FLORA srl, was from already 8 years actively involved in the Biodynamic and Organic Farming sector. During those years he trained himself from the best farmers of Moricone, an ancient small town in Sabina (RM) for 3 years. Later he stayed and worked at the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute of Pomaia, the most important tibetan-buddhist centre of Italy. Here he could start the exciting and thrilling production of Earthworms Humus: a powerful natural fertilizer produced by worms, which he successfully commercialized in Italy and then abroad. The sale of Humus opened the doors to the cultivation of aromatic plants for the production of the first 6 essential oils of the Organic and Demeter brand: orange, lemon, lavender, rosemary, peppermint and swiss pine. These precious and pure essential oils were used and sold during the courses of Aromatherapy, enjoying great success among the participating public. So it was that slowly the company took shape, involving more and more people and installing itself in increasingly large and efficient places. 

History of the roots of a company completely Made in Italy

Thanks to the great success in Germany, Mario Rosario Rizzi decided to take Aromatherapy in Italy and so, on 4 August 1989, in Castellina Marittima, Tuscany, in the amazing scenery of the Pisan hills, the FLORA company was founded.
FLORA was the first Italian company in organizing training courses on Aromatherapy and to use and sell 100% pure essential oils, steam distillates from medicinal plants or cold pressed from fruits. Since 1989 the company FLORA produces and sells 100% pure, natural and total essential oils, preferring raw materials from organic and biodynamic crops, in support of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, of natural medicine, with the aim of to promote the psychophysical well-being of the person
At the beginning it was a real challenge: they were the pioneers in a completely new market for Italy in those years, where the organic was in its infancy and the biodynamic almost completely unknown. Mario Rosario Rizzi had faith and confidence in his project and in the figure of the herbalist, who has been growing since 1989, as well as the consumption of essential oils and the diffusion of the culture of Aromatherapy.

FLORA: a company that, first of all, is a group of close-knit people, with a clear and shared mission.

The founders, Mario Rosario Rizzi and Sonia De Angelis - current Sales Manager and wife of Mr. Rizzi - have been able to grow a solid group whose inspiring principles are recognized in the shared ethical and ecological values, which tend to a growing knowledge, awareness and growth of their creativity, reliability, joy and harmony in collective work.

The goal is to create natural products for everyone, strictly organic, formulated and made with love and respect for nature. This dream has been fully realized over time and, in these years, have been rewarded with many certifications and awards that have obtained both as a company and as products.

Why a company like this one? Because you're a special human-being, and we will take care of you!

Well-being arise from daily work, in a relationship between colleagues and personal emotions that are in continous development. All of this becomes a complex set of incentives and commitments professionally managed in an ecological and passionate way, with the aim of achieving ambitious goals for themselves, for the group and for the customers. The achievement of the global quality of our products for our and your full well-being is inspired by the research of a renewed harmony with the environment that surrounds us, sustaining organic and biodynamic farming with all beings and with ourselves deeply. This has led FLORA to develop new eco-compatible progress techniques that can guarantee the future for us, for you, for the whole planet and future generations.

Today FLORA is a modern and dynamic reality, which makes the highest quality and attention to the customer, its main inspiration.

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