What it means to be a teacher of FLORA

All our courses and seminars are taught by expert teachers, who offer their experience and passion to the many people that want to know and use essential oils.

The participation, the direct interaction with participants and the great knowledge on the subject are the qualities that distinguish our teachers, who also carry out a very important social function: they inform people about the possibility of a healthier life and the accomplishment of wellness through the use of natural products.

Paolo Pistis

Farmer, expert in biodynamic farming, for over the past thirty years he has been taking care of how to bring vitality to the soil; he teaches in different italian regions with lessons, conferences and seminars made for farmers, agricultural associations, vocational training bodies and universities. He encourages the learning of plantation techniques and helps people understand the practice and knowledge of biodynamic agriculture.

Biodynamic apiculturist from 1995 to 2010. Since 1986, he has been a researcher about the relation between astronomy and vegetable world in order to improve agricultural productions.

Teacher of FLORA for classes dedicated to techniques of biodynamic agriculture. You can find further information in his blog www.paolopistis.it or in his books: “La Cura dell’Orto e del Giardino Botanico” (“How To Take Care of Your Vegetable and Biodynamic Garden”) and “La Fertilità della Terra per il Benessere dell’Uomo” (The Fertility of Earth for the Wellbeing of Mankind”).

Marta Barboni

Graduated in Medicinal chemistry and Pharmaceutical technology at the University of Pisa. She conducted research studies at the Sheffield Hallam University in the UK and she worked in some Italian pharmacies. She has been working at FLORA since 2014 as expert in scientific Aromatherapy, in order to understand and to know the quality and the identification of the essential oils through the study of the chemotypizations, for a chemical-pharmacological study.

Renato Tittarelli

He is a Naturopath, Olistic Operator regulated by the law 4/2013 and member of the Professional Associations of SIAF and ASPIN Erba Sacra. He started a long training when he was young, beginning with Humanistic Psychology and culminated with Alchemy and Aromatherapy.

He is specialized about holistic, alchemical and subtle aromatherapy, aromatherapic massage, spagyric phytotherapy, plant-related alchemy, naturopathy, ayurvedic therapy, numerology, yogatherapy and spiritual healing. Since 2000 he has been founder and director of SOAM, Holistic school of Aromatheraphy and Massage in Chiaravalle (AN), of NUEN School of Energetic Numerology, and ALCHESIS School of Yoga and Alchemy. Since 2014 he has been director of the Professional School of Aromatherapy associated with the Center of Research Erba Sacra in Rome. He’s a teacher and educator of aromatherapy, aroma-alchemical massage, psyco-aromatherapy, numerology, naturopathy, yoga, meditation and alchemy in Italy and abroad. He’s President of the Association “Cielo in Terra” in Chiaravalle (AN).

He is teacher of FLORA for classes of Aromatherapy and massage with essential oils; if you want to read more, you can visit his blog www.renatotittarelli.it or you can buy his book “Aromaterapia Olistica” (“Holistic Aromatherapy”).

Laura Savo

She has gained a great experience for the past twenty years in the holistic field by studying and teaching some massage practices such as: shiatsu, foot reflexology, aromatherapic massage and energetic practices like flower remedies. She has studied how to use essential oils in cosmetic and psychosomatic problems of skin.

On Telecolor she hosts PROFUMI DI BENESSERE, a television series focusing on the use of natural products. She is President of the association SCENDIDALPERO, which focuses on sustainability, recycling and divulgation of the use of plants for general well-being and for the creation of places of salutogenesis, both through aromatherapy and creation of botanic gardens in schools and other places by using biological and biodynamic agricultural techniques (horticultural therapy). In 2014 the first project of Aromatherapy in school, in collaboration with FLORA, has been launched with success.

She is a teacher of FLORA for classes about aromatherapy and massage with essential oils, and if you want to know more you can visit her blog www.laurasavo.com, or buy her books “Profumi di Benessere” (“Scents of Well-being”) and “Aromaterapia nella casa ecologica” (“Aromatherapy in the Ecological House”).

Francesco Beatini

He has gained a great experience by cooking for many years in restaurants, holiday farms and hotels both in Italy and abroad, with many collaborations with international chefs and food companies with whom he is still collaborating.

His experience and passion for teaching made him become educator in gastronomic disciplines in regional educational centers in Emilia Romagna, Lazio and Tuscany. He teaches at the prestigious “Cordon Bleu” in Florence and tutor EAS, and international network of university education, Academia Barilla in Parma and Pepe Verde in Rome. He is an expert for the release of professional qualifications in the cooking sector for the region of Emilia Romagna, with which he collaborates for projects about gastronomic tourism.

The passion about essential oils and their use in the kitchen was born many years ago by chance and, thanks to researches, has become a fundamental part of his job. He thinks that cooking with essential oils, the soul of the plants they come from, is very important for our body and its health. Essential oils are the arrival point to follow a diet and a lifestyle in accord with our body and our nature.

Teacher of FLORA for classes about Aromatic Cooking and the use of essential oils with food.

Mauro Pedone

Active researcher in the field of health, consciousness and well-being. By experimenting oriental traditions, and by considering current studies about the sound therapy, he has codified a personal method of sound massage with Tibetan bowls. He has been working in the field of natural remedies since the middle 1980s. He teaches Shiatsu, Yoga and Music Therapy.

He is a trainer for the professional updating of Holistic Operators. He is also a lecturer of international conferences about evolutionary research, between science and spirituality, and he is the manager of the Centro Studi “La Voce del Carro”.

He is a teacher of FLORA for courses about the use of essential oils in combination with Tibetan bowls. If you want to know more about his work, you can visit the website lavocedelcarro.it or buy his books “Massaggio Sonoro con gli Oli Essenziali” (“Massage with sounds and essential oils) and “La Danza dell’Acqua e le Campane Tibetane” (The Dance of Water and Tibetan bowls).
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