“The Best of Ourselves every day, for Your Well-Being”

At FLORA, we are a close-knit group with a clear common goal: to practise Aromatherapy and share it, for the Well-being and Health of ourselves and others.

At FLORA, we believe in phytotherapy, in the power of plants and their extracts, in organic and biodynamic farming practices, in transparency and honesty in product information, in the power of research, in constant development of our skills and respect for our customers.

FLORA is for everyone who is looking to get closer to Nature, and its wonderful aromatic plants and flowers, recognising the benefits they bring and the potent properties they have when used as part of daily life.

FLORA is about transforming and changing lifestyles by looking towards Nature, and seeing its strength in distilled extracts from flowers, leaves and fruits.

The idea of bringing Nature into our homes through marvellous essential oils has become a reality for us.


A truly Italian company

FLORA products are the truest, most authentic expression of our passion and dedication. We have built loving family relationships with our Customers, Colleagues, Growers and Suppliers.

Your well-being above all

You are part of our family, and FLORA’s mission is “to give the best of ourselves every day, for YOUR well-being”. To achieve this, we are putting all our energies into carefully selecting all the ingredients we use, their producers, the way they are stored and preserved, and our process controls.

Our Roots

- Linked with Nature, a perfect system of balance and prevention.
- Knowledge of Aromatherapy as an approach to balance the body and soul’s energies.
- Seeking the “absolute best”, without compromise, through the selection of the best extracts, the best 100% pure, natural, complete essential oils, the best plant-based active ingredients.
- Herbalist traditions, which we practise with rigor, precision and modern scientific methods.
- Effective natural products that promote physical and mental well-being.
- Innovation in our products and processes, to ensure we are as efficient as possible.
- Transparency, which we aim for in all of our company communications and certified products.
- Purity, which we achieve by using the most authentic, most natural, certified Demeter and organic extracts and ingredients.

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