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Hazelnut Oil, 50 ml BIO-CODEX - Food

Hazelnut Oil, 50 ml BIO-CODEX - Food

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  • 100% pure plant oil
  • Antioxidant and re-mineralizing 
  • Ideal base for Aromatherapy 


biologico certificatocodexprodotto veganoprodotto con fonti di energia rinnovabile  


Hazelnut Oil is an excellent plant oil for seasoning food, to which it gives its characteristic aroma. Hazelnut is a very nutritious food, rich in fatty acids (in particular oleic acid, a precursor of omega 9), vitamins and mineral salts, including calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It also contains a fair amount of fibre which facilitates intestinal absorption and counteracts constipation.

Nutritional information - Average values per 100 ml

  •     ENERGY 3686 KJ / 896 Kcal
  •     FATS 99 g of which saturated fatty acids 10 g
  •     CARBOHYDRATES 0 g with sugar 0 g
  •     PROTEIN 0 g
  •     SALT < 0.01 g The salt content is exclusively due to the sodium that is naturally present .

Antioxidant and re-mineralizing
Botanical name
Corylus avellana
50 ml
Does not contain
Dyestuffs, preservatives, synthetic substances, PEGs, petroleum derivatives, not subject to chemical refining processes.

The hazelnut tree and its fruit, the hazelnut, are very ancient; it is thought that they had already appeared in prehistoric times. Over the centuries it has been attributed numerous magical and therapeutic properties. In Ancient Rome they were considered auspicious, and given to the bride and groom to wish them happiness and prosperity. In the Celtic tradition they were a symbol of wisdom. Popular medicine also attributes healing properties to all parts of the plant.  The leaves were used to make infusions to wash wounds or against bags and dark circles under the eyes. The bark (of the young branches) was boiled in water to create a concoction to reduce fever. It was also used for the presumed to tone circulation in the veins. Finally, pollen encourages sweating and purification. It is no coincidence that the branch of the hazel with two snakes wrapped around it is the symbol of medicine. It was also used in cosmetics: an ancient peasant beauty recipe is for compresses with hazelnut oil to rejuvenate the skin. Today it is known this treatment works because Hazelnut Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins (in particular A and E), with a strong purifying, healing, toning and antioxidant action. 

  • Organic food oil certified by the CODEX control body
  • Made with cold pressure on hazelnuts
  • Characteristic light and pleasantly aromatic hazelnut aroma
  • Free of genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)
  • Made with renewable energy with ZERO impact

100% pure plant  oil produced from cold-pressed hazelnut seeds* (Corylus avellana), and plant sourced vitamin E*. Ingredients are sourced from Controlled Organic Farms

Hazelnuts have been used since ancient times. In popular tradition they were roasted as a remedy against phlegm or added to drinks such as mead for the treatment of respiratory tract disorders or coughs.

For a good diet it is recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons of Hazelnut Oil per day. It can be used several times a day, ideal after bathing. An ideal Aromatherapy base to be mixed with essential oils:  to Hazelnut Oil add 2-3 drops of preferred 100% pure essential oils most suitable for the intended use.

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