The voluntary work we do at FLORA is intended to support non-governmental organisations and associations in improving the living conditions and social cohabitation for the world’s poor who do not enjoy the same privileges that we do. Within our Company, volunteering is viewed as fundamentally important, as part of our mission: giving the best of ourselves every day, for the well-being of others. We specifically support three organisations who work in our local area.

FLORA is a member of the TERRE DI PISA project

“Terre di Pisa” is a new tourist destination – a brand that seeks to identify excellence in specific attractions in food, arts and crafts, history, nature and tourism in the area around Pisa. The project, which includes 32 Communes, and the Unioni Valdera e Alta Valdera, brings together several Trade Associations and tourist attractions that are typical of the Pisa area. The project sets out to improve the quality of the tourism services available in the region, to highlight food and craft products, to increase the knowledge of those involved and to attract tourists who are looking for unusual places and products, at the same time offering them the chance to experience authentic Tuscan life.

FLORA is a member of the RETE COLLI PISANI project

With a view to incentivise and increase the potential of the natural resources in the COLLI PISANI area, this Network aims to highlight and promote the development of the area in an integrated, authentic and experiential manner, to increase its competitiveness in a sustainable way, as well as promoting greater prominence in Italian, EU and international markets. It aims to achieve this by building a network of local resources, performing all the complementary, instrumental and subsidiary activities for the tourism, organic and biodynamic farming, and general business sectors.

FLORA is a member of the STUPA Onlus project

This association has set up projects to help the poor, notably by contributing to safeguarding and restoring the culture and traditions of Tibetan peoples in the Himalayas.Scopri di più, clicca qui>>

Sponsorizza uno STUPA per i tuoi regali. Diffondi l'architettura dell'illuminazione e la Pace nel Mondo

Stupa Kadampa Piccolo

Realizzato secondo l'antica tradizione Tibetana

misure cm 7x17

Stupa Tibetano

Realizzato secondo l'antica tradizione Tibetana

misure cm 10x10x13

Stupa di Pomaia

Quadro dello Stupa di Pomaia simbolo di Pace nel Mondo.

Riproduzione in carta pergamena di uno STUPA realizzato dalla Ven. Monaca Iscia in acquarello. misure cm. 68 x 48

Pergamena Tibet Libero

Riproduzione in carta pergamena della cartina del Tibet antico, con le scritte in oro “Tibet Libero” in 56 lingue del mondo.

misure cm. 72 x 32

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