The magazine L'Aromatario

Instrument of cultural diffusion

The Aromatario, the quarterly magazine of FLORA, is dedicated to the whole family. Its purpose is to enhance the culture and the practical knowledge of the large field of the natural medicine in the reader, with useful advice and simple solutions, for a global and durable well-being. It also aims to identify problems, necessities and needs in which the reader recognise himself daily and it proposes successful advice and solutions as well. We believe that it is essential to stimulate the concepts of health, protection of the environment, ecology and organic and biodynamic farming practices, that's the reason why since 2009 we have written, published and disseminated the Aromatario.

The sections which are treated in the Aromatario are:

FLORA tells: history of the company, quality criteria, working methods, etc.
The environment: monographs of aromatic plants, alternative energies, biodynamic farming, protection of Nature.
The ecological home: living the daily well-being, ecological instruments.
The Family: the nutrition, the kitchen, the natural cosmetics, the body care, the ecological communication, the children, the pets, etc.
The Herbalist talks: the world of phytotherapy, passions and experiences of professionals which take care of the customer's care and well-being.
The voice of the reader: requests for clarification, datasheets, requests for products, in-depth analyses, etc.
The current events: appointments, classes, news from the world, etc.

The strenghts

1. We speak to the reader talking about current topics, in order to turn him into the protagonist of an improvement of a conscious lifestyle
2. The language used by the authors is specific, easy, with concepts illustrated in a comprehensible way, in a fresh and young style.
3. We stimulate the reader's curiosity to study the topics thanks to the consultation of bibliographies which are always well-documented.
4. The topics of our magazine are current and available over time.
5. The creation is entrusted to a group of excellent experts which carefully select both the authors and the topics.
6. You can easily receive it at home through subscription, without shipping costs
7. The magazine is distributed throughout Italy among the greatest herbalist's shops and food centres, in limited quantity
8. You can directly see it on line, on the official web site

Where can I find the magazine?

You can collect a copy of the magazine in the greatest herbalist's shops, pharmacies and food centres for free. Find out where, click here>>

You can also ask FLORA for the magazine, you just have to send us your personal data and postal address writing to

We will send you a copy of the latest issue of the magazine directly to your house.

You can sign up for a subscription to 6 issues of the magazine at a cost of 12,50 euros (shipping costs are included) via postal payments ship or online. clicca qui >>

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