Zeta free After Bite Gel, 20 ml BIO-ICEA
Zeta free After Bite Gel, 20 ml BIO-ICEA

Zeta free After Bite Gel, 20 ml BIO-ICEA

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  • Calming, refreshing, soothing, releasing action
  • Ideal relief after insect, bee, mosquito and jellyfish bites and stings
  • Based on plant extracts

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Zeta free After Bite Gel is the ideal product for immediate relief from burning and itching after insect bites such as mosquitoes, bees and jellyfish stings. Natural formula that develops a strong calming, refreshing, soothing and releasing action. Zeta free After Bite Gel, is particularly recommended for soothing the children’s skin. It does not cause greasiness and leaves a delicate scent on the skin. A slight change in colour of the formula over time is an indication of naturalness of the product.

Zeta free After Bite Gel is:

  • calming, refreshing, healing and releasing
  • based on plant extracts 
  • easy to apply
  • for the whole family
Calming, refreshing, soothing, releasing action
Skin type
suitable for all skin types
20 ml
9 M
Does not contain
synthetic dyes and perfumes, PEG, parabens, petroleum derivatives.
  • Certified ICEA organic cosmetic
  • Aloe, basil, lavender, liquorice and mallow extracts
  • Sterols from Brassica campestris
  • St. John's Wort oleolite
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Obtained with ZERO impact renewable energy
  • NO synthetic dyes and perfumes, PEG, parabens, petroleum derivatives.

Extracts of aloe* (Aloe barbadensis), basil* (Ocimum basilicum), true lavender* (Lavandula angustifolia), liquorice* (Glycirrhiza glabra), mallow* (Malva sylvestris); brassica sterols (Brassica campestris), St. John's Wort oleolite* (Hypericum perforatum) and plant menthol. Ingredients are sourced from Organic* and Biodynamic** demeter Farm.

ALOE _ Aloe barbadensis, defined by the ancient Egyptians as the plant of immortality, today has at least 160 natural active ingredients that give it and the products containing it very important properties. Aloe has soothing properties (helps to calm irritations and reduce redness), it is also nourishing, healing, dermo-protective, humectant (hydrates the skin by promoting water retention in the tissues) and a restorative (helps to quickly repair tissues and membranes).

LIQUORICE _ legend has it that some licorice sticks were found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, an indication of how many centuries this plant has been known for its numerous properties. Hippocrates himself mentions it in his medical treatises to be excellent help against inflammation.

MALLOW _ Malva sylvestris comes from the Greek word for soft, healing. It is called "Sylvestris" because it grows in wild places. Pythagoras claimed that mallow should be eaten every day to calm passions and purify the mind; Cicero was very fond of it; the Salerno School praises it because it "heals and melts the body". During the Middle Ages it was commonly cultivated in vegetable gardens and its active principles, widely used until the 20th Century, are a remedy for arthritis, inflammation of the gums and not to forget, constipation and obesity.

Apply Zeta free After Bite Gel promptly to the bite or painful area. Recommended to repeat application several times a day.

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