Zeta free Room Spray, 100 ml

Zeta free Room Spray, 100 ml

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  • Room spray
  • With a blend of 100% pure, complete and natural essential oils and andiroba and neem plant oils
  • Fresh and pleasant aroma that makes the environment unlikable for mosquitoes

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Zeta free Room Spray is formulated with valuable essential and plant oils which, when vaporized, create a fresh and pleasant aroma making the environment unlikable to mosquitoes. This is caused by the effective combination of 100% pure essential oils which release a very unpleasant aroma for mosquitoes. Zeta free Room Spray can also be sprayed several times a day. After using the spray, you can easily stay in the room.

Zeta free Room Spray is:

  • based on 100% pure, complete and natural essential oils
  • made from plant sourced alcohol 
  • with 100% pure plant oils
Purifying and protective, makes the environment repellant to mosquitoes
Fresh, pleasant, effective
100 ml
  • Contains a blend of 100% pure, complete and natural essential oils with an unpleasant aroma for mosquitoes 
  • Contains plant origin alcohol of vegetable, sourced from sugar cane 
  • Ready for use at home, the office, cars, etc.
  • Not necessary to ventilate the room before staying in it
  • Can be used in the presence of the elderly people, children, and pets

Formulated with plant origin alcohol; plant oils of andiroba (Carapa guaianensis) and neem (Azadirachta indica); 100% pure, complete natural essential oils of basil (Ocimum basilicum), lemongrass (Cymbopogon nardis), eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), eucalyptus citrate (Eucalyptus citriodora), clove (Eugenia caryophyllata), geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), hybrid lavender (Lavandula hybrida) and litsea (Litsea cubeba).

The essential oils used in the formulas for the Zeta free Line are all sourced from well known traditions: geranium, a flower that has been a must on the balconies of houses since ancient times, as it is considered excellent help in protecting against mosquitoes; lavender, already used in the Middle Ages to protect men and animals from pests; lemongrass, thanks to its pungent citrus scent used in popular tradition to keep away unwelcome insects such as mosquitoes, gnats and horseflies; basil, already well known at the time of the Crusaders, filled the ships to repel insects and bad smells; eucalyptus, just think that this tree was introduced in Italy in 1870 by the Trappist Fathers and spread in the malarial, marshy areas of Tuscany’s Maremma and the Southern Regions in particular, as it acts to rejuvenate unhealthy environments and combats proliferation of mosquitoes.

Andiroba (Carapa guaianensis) various limonoids including andirobine. Andiroba plant oil is obtained from the seeds of Carapa guaianensis. It is rich in oleic, stearic, palmitoleic and linoleic acid. It is a strongly nourishing oil and acts with excellent protective, moisturizing and calming effect on the skin. Its aroma is particularly unpleasant to mosquitoes and parasites in general; for this reason it is an invaluable ally during the summer season.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) azadirachtin, melianthriol, salamine. Neem oil is extracted with cold press from the organic seeds of the Azadirachta indica tree. Excellent plant oil for cosmetic skin care with a characteristically pungent aroma. Rich in phenolic and sulphurous compounds, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, it has a moisturizing, protective, regenerating, eudermic and restructuring action for the skin. Frequently used to protect plants and animals from parasite attacks because of its ability to create an unfavourable habitat for them. In accordance with Ayurvedic principles, neem oil rebalances VATA and KAPHA skin types. 

Zeta free Room Spray should be shaken before use and sprayed into the space intended.

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