Rose Aromatic Water, 100 ml BIO-COSMOS

Rose Aromatic Water, 100 ml BIO-COSMOS

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  • Flower distillate for the facial beauty
  • Flower hydrolate with an invigorating and refreshing effect
  • Ideal tonic for all skin types 



Rose Aromatic Water is a distillate of rose flowers for facial beauty, it has a profound soothing, refreshing, toning and astringent action on the skin. This hydrolate retains the intrinsic properties of the precious rosebuds. The delicate, floral aroma infuses calm and serenity, making it ideal for combating stress. At the same time, its energy awakens, tones and can be a valuable support when we ‘feel down’ in all senses; the aroma of rose tonic reconnects us with the deepest part of ourselves.                                             

When applied to the skin, Rose Aromatic Water has the ability to balance the sebum secretion of combination or oily skin, while on dry skin it has a strong moisturizing power. Rose hydrolate is an essential part of daily skin care; it improves the appearance of the skin, protects it from ageing, penetrates deeply and balances the pH, helping to close pores and giving softness. In addition thanks to the presence of vitamins A, B, C and E, Rose Water is a powerful antioxidant and tonic, and as a result is an excellent aid in combating the appearance of signs of ageing.

A noteworthy historical detail about the rose dates back to the 11th Century when at the Salerno Medical School in Italy, Trotula de Ruggiero, the first woman doctor in history and the most famous of women to graduate from the Medical School, was the first to discover and write down the qualities of rose water. Trotula discovered the enormous antibacterial power of rose petals and by combining rose water with warm water and bicarbonate of soda, she made the first gynecological intimate wash for treating candida; this happened in 1000 ac. 

Aromatic waters, or hydrolates, are obtained by the same process as most essential oils, namely steam distillation. It is for this reason that, for a long time, aromatic waters were considered waste products of distillation, and only ‘recently’ have they been given their due value, becoming protagonists in the world of cosmetics and aromatherapy.  Essential oils and hydrolates are in fact complementary, each preserving the properties of the plant which are not retained in the other. The hydrolate contains all the hydrophilic components of the plant from which it is obtained, unlike the essential oil which contains the lipophilic components. It is important that the choice of hydrolate is based on the characteristics of the skin, and the natural properties that each plant possesses and that you want to use.

Invigorating and refreshing
Botanical name
Rosa damascena
Skin type
Mature, acne-prone, oily and sensitive
100 ml
9 M
Does not contain
Preservatives, dyes, cosmetic allergens, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives.
  • Certified COSMOS organic cosmetic
  • Extracted by steam distillation of rosebuds
  • Subsequently mixed with alcohol produced from organic raw materials to reinforce its shelf life
  • Can be used on all skin types, particularly mature, acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin
  • Delicate, floral scent that instils calm, tone and vigor
  • Contains less than 1% essential oils
  • 95% of total are organic ingredients
  • 99.8% of total are ingredients natural in origin 
  • Dermatologically tested at the University of Ferrara, Italy
  • No cosmetic allergens present
  • Produced with ZERO impact renewable energy
  • NO preservatives, petroleum derivatives, PEGs and PPGs, perfumes, dyes or synthetic viscosifiers

Rose aromatic water* (Rosa damascena), subsequently mixed with denatured alcohol*, produced from organic raw materials, to improve the shelf life of the scented water. 95% of ingredients are sourced from controlled organic* farms.

Pour onto a cotton ball or directly onto the skin of the face, and use as a normal toner after daily washing of the face. Rose water offers a wide range of uses:

  • For facial skin care, with packs and compresses
  • In beauty treatments and perfume preparation
  • As a refreshing and regenerating water when traveling
  • For perfuming hair (spray on hair after washing)

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