Neutral Liquid Soap, 250 ml BIO-BDIH

Neutral Liquid Soap, 250 ml BIO-BDIH

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  • With Aloe Vera. Gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types and for the whole family
  • Ideal base for Aromatherapy


prodotto biologiconon testato sugli animalilotto microbiologicamente controllatoprodotto veganoprodotto con fonti di energia rinnovabile


Neutral Liquid Soap has been formulated:

  • as an ideal base in Aromatherapy;
  • to minimize allergic reactions often caused by perfumes and synthetic substances
  • to guarantee the ideal percentage of SAL (active washing substance) by using plant sourced eudermics and delicate surfactants so that it is effective but does not irritate 
  • to be used during homeopathic treatments.

Neutral Liquid Soap is ideal for sensitive, irritable skin and during homeopathic treatments. With pH 5.5 it is physiologically dermo-compatible, reducing irritations while respecting the acidity of the skin. Perfume-free.

Neutral Liquid Soap is a soap for the whole family’s hygiene and beauty, rich in Aloe barbadensis, a true prodigy of nature, used in every formula of the Neutral Line in precious freeze-dried form.  

Neutral Liquid Soap from our Neutral Line is:

  • DELICATE: it cleanses gently respecting the physiological homeostasis
  • HEALING & MOISTURIZING: the high percentage of aloe vera contained nourishes, calms and regenerates. Ideal for the whole family
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: ideal base in Aromatherapy, add 4-5 drops of preferred 100% pure essential oils most suitable for the intended use

Delicate, Healing, Moisturizing and Customizable
Skin type
Suitable for all skin types
250 ml
12 M
Does not contain
Cosmetic allergens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), parabens, PEG and PPG, dyes, viscosifiers and synthetic perfumes, derived from petroleum
  • Certified COSMOS-BDIH organic cosmetics 
  • pH 5.5: respects the acidity of the skin
  • Ideal as a base for Aromatherapy
  • Ideal for reducing allergy risk
  • Ideal for creating a personalized body cream
  • Ideal for homeopathic treatments
  • ORGANIC, unpasteurized Aloe extract (Aloe barbadensis) harvested and washed by hand 
  • Contains eudermic and delicate surfactants, plant origin
  • Any opalescence of the product is a sign of naturalness, due to the plant ingredients it contains
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Made with renewable energy with ZERO impact
  • NO cosmetic allergens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), para

Aloe juice* (Aloe barbadensis), and sweet surfactants derived from amino acids and natural oils. with excellent affinity for the skin and high cleansing capacity. *Ingredient sourced from Controlled Organic Farms.

Aloe vera extract (Aloe barbadensis), highly purified and concentrated so as to have a high percentage of active ingredients in the formula; sunflower plant oil (Helianthus annuus), plant glycerine, shea butter (Butyrospermum parkii), completely natural plant sourced emulsifiers with excellent healing and moisturizing action, tocopherols with antioxidant action. Aloe barbadensis, defined by the ancient Egyptians as the plant of immortality, is now attributed at least 160 natural active ingredients (the primary active ingredient is Acemannan) which give this plant, and the products containing it, very important properties of indisputable potency.  Aloe barbadensis has soothing properties (it helps to calm irritations and reduce redness), nourishing, healing, dermo-protective, humectant (moisturizes the skin enabling body tissue hydration), restorative (helps to quickly repair tissue and membranes). 

For each product in the Neutral Line, Aloe barbadensis has been masterfully used to guarantee maximum effectiveness and is as a result, they are wonderful panaceas. 

Neutral Body Cream contains optimum quality Aloe Barbadensis that is:

  • harvested manually
  • washed by hand to reduce the bacterial load 
  • cold fluidification is carried out so as not to risk compromising its bio-activity 
  • unpasteurized

Neutral Liquid Soap can be used several times a day as a hand wash or as a normal shower gel or intimate wash. 

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