Ovopid Complete Treatment Kit,...

Ovopid Complete Treatment Kit, ORGANIC-BDIH-ICEA

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  • Whole Ovopid line and complete solution
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Effective treatment for pediculosis



The Complete Treatment Kit is composed of: Hair Oil – Phase 1, 100 ml with comb (first intervention treatment) + Active Shampoo – Phase 2, 200 ml (strong preventative and maintenance action) + Lotion Spray – Phase 3, 150 ml (protective and effective).

  • PROTECTIVE: ensure an effective purifying and preventive action
  • EFFECTIVE: with 100% pure essential oils that help remove and prevent nits

Protective, effective and decisive
Type of hair
Suitable for all hair types
12 M
  • BDIH and ICEA certified organic cosmetics
  • 100% pure, complete and natural ORGANIC and DEMETER essential oils of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), lavender (Lavandula hybrida), cintronella (Cymbopogon nardus), thyme (Thymus vulgaris, Thymus serpillum and Thymus capitatus)
  • 100% pure plant oils of ORGANIC neem (Azadirachta indica) and andiroba (Carapa guaianensis)
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Tensides are plant sourced 
  • NO petroleum derivatives, synthetic dyes, perfumes, synthetic viscosifiers, PEG and PPG, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Ether Sulfate (SLES), parabens


For a preventive action only Phases 2 and 3 should be used, following the weekly treatment plan indicated. For the whole family.

Pediculosis is an infestation of lice. Itching is the predominant symptom when this parasite is present. A lice is 1-2 millimeters long, and has three pairs of legs with hooks that enable it to cling to the hair. It feeds on sebum and sometimes on blood, so it cannot survive for long away from humans, in dust or on floors. The female louse lays around 200 eggs in her lifetime, known as nits, which are mainly located at the nape of the neck and behind the ears. The eggs stick to the hair with a sticky substance that does not dissolve with water. After a week they hatch, giving rise to larvae that become adult lice, which are then able to produce their own eggs after a couple of weeks. The louse is very good at hiding (it cannot stand the light) and is difficult to spot in the hair. To ascertain its presence, it is easier to look for the eggs, which are half a millimetre long, white, oval, shiny and easily distinguishable from dandruff, because the latter is irregularly shaped and comes off the hair with a puff of air. Pediculosis is not a sign of poor hygiene, and affects people from all walks of life; although it is not dangerous to health, it can be a source of great concern for parents.

PREVENTION: The louse is predictable; it does not fly, does not jump and moves slowly. It can only spread in crowded places such as trams, cinemas, schools, etc., although sometimes the louse relies on another insect, for example a fly, to move from one head to another. In general, the prevention of pediculosis is fairly easy as far as individual commitment is concerned. It is good practice for parents to check their child's head frequently for the presence of lice and nits. Once the presence of parasites has been excluded or ascertained, it is essential to minimize the risk of contagion, in the first case, or in the second case to attack the lice and nits.

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