Tea Tree Mask Spray – 30 ml

Tea Tree Mask Spray – 30 ml

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  • Purifying, regenerating and harmonizing
  • Designed to regenerate and sanitize face masks
  • 90% alcohol made in Italy



Tea Tree Mask Spray has been carefully formulated to regenerate and sanitize your mask, now an inseparable companion to our days. The blend of alcohol and 100% pure essential oils generates a synergy that regenerates the fabric, prolonging its life, and at the same time, the warm notes of the scent of the essential oils infuse serenity by touching the deepest chords of our ego. 

Why buy Tea Tree Mask Spray:

  • PURIFYING: the essential oils selected for the formulation are well-known for their broad range purifying action
  • REGENERATING: the blend of alcohol, and 100% pure essential oils creates a synergy that regenerates the tissue, prolonging its life
  • HARMONIZING: the essential oils contained help maintain serenity and tranquillity, instilling positivity towards the future

Does not contain
  • 100% plant origin product
  • 100% pure, natural and complete essential oils
  • Ethyl alcohol extracted from sugar cane
  • Produced with ZERO impact renewable energy
  • NO parabens, petroleum derivatives, PEG and PPG, fragrances, synthetic dyes and viscosifiers

100% pure essential oils of tea tree* (Melaleuca alternifolia), hybrid lavender* (Lavandula hybrida), eucalyptus* (Eucalyptus globulus), dill** (Anethum graveolens); ethyl alcohol (90%). plant origin. Ingredients are sourced from controlled organic* and Demeter biodynamic** farms.  

Find out more:

Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia): Known since antiquity for its effectiveness, and wide range of uses, tea tree was called 'the pharmacy in a bottle' by Australian Aborigines as its leaves were used to treat skin infections and wounds. Its name comes from the fact that when Captain James Cook and his men (who landed in Australia in 1770) wanted a refreshing tea, they used the leaves of this tree. The essential oil obtained from the leaves of this plant is very effective and, if applied to the skin, strengthens and regenerates it thanks to the high presence of a molecule called terpinen-4-ol, an alcohol that due to its chemical characteristics, has strong antimicrobial properties. 

Hybrid lavender essential oil (Lavandula hybrida): Lavender and its essential oil have been used since antiquity for their scent, and for their numerous action on both the body and the psyche: the Greeks used it against sore throats and constipation, the Romans used it in communal baths for individual washes, and it was used in the Middle Ages to combat parasites affecting humans and animals... Its very name, of Latin origin, suggests purification and healing baths. Its scent evokes a sense of vastness that helps to clear fixed thoughts, and cool hot heads. Placed under the influence of the moon, it acts on what is most feminine and lunar in the human being: the nervous system. Its main action is in fact to rebalance, and calm the energetic dissonances of the psyche and related somatizations, such as stress.

Eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus): the balsam par excellence. Folklore attributes a powerful purifying effect to this plant, which is ideal for easing breathing, and strengthening the heart and immune system. Its scent gives well-being, evokes positive feelings, and makes us feel united with all things and living beings. Rich in a molecule called eucalyptol (1.8 cineole), it has a significant purifying, soothing, and antimicrobial action. Australian Aborigines used it to fight malaria.

Dill essential oil (Anethum graveolens): this plant originated in Asia, and has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes since ancient times. There are numerous sources attesting to its use, such as the Talmud, the sacred text of Judaism, and the Papyrus Elbers, which emphasizes its therapeutic use by the Greeks; according to their medical school, epileptic attacks could be avoided and evil spells thwarted by clutching a sprig of dill in the left hand. Dill was also widely used by the Romans, who believed it had the property of increasing physical strength, as well as being curative; legionaries would sprinkle burnt dill seeds on their wounds to facilitate healing. 

Spray Tea Tree Mask Spray onto the outside of the mask after it has been worn. Then wait a few minutes so that the alcohol can evaporate, before spraying again. DO NOT use on a mask with a valve, the filter can clog.


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