Sweet Almond Oil, 1 l – Food

Sweet Almond Oil, 1 l – Food

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  • 100% pure plant oil
  • unrefined, extracted by cold pressing sweet almonds
  • ideal base oil for aromatherapy



Sweet Almond Oil is 100% unrefined pure plant oil, extracted by cold pressing sweet almonds. Sweet Almond Oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acid, vitamins (particularly groups B and E) and mineral salts. Excellent oil for seasoning food to which it gives its characteristic aroma. It is also recognised as an excellent aid in promoting intestinal transit.

Almond oil and its beneficial properties are known all over the world. It is mentioned in Hindu yogic tradition, according to which two spoonfuls a day help purify the body from toxins, and renders the skin smooth and soft. This oil is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where it is linked to the wellbeing Metal energy positions, which include the lung and intestine; this is why TCM suggests ingesting almond oil to promote air tract and intestine health.

Nutritional information

  • Average values per 100 ml
  • ENERGY 3688 KJ / 897 Kcal
  • FATS 99 g of which saturated fatty acids 11 g
  • CARBOHYDRATES 0 g of which sugars 0 g
  • PROTEIN 0 g
  • SALT < 0.01 g The salt content is solely due to naturally present sodium.
Antioxidant, refreshing and purifying
Botanical name
Prunus amygdalus dulcis
1 L
Does not contain
Free of genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)

Almond is a tree traced to Antiquity; its use has been known since the Bronze Age, it is also named in the Old Testament. The ancient Egyptians used sweet almond oil in cosmetic recipes, mixing it with honey and cinnamon for aromatic massages. It is said that even the beautiful Cleopatra used it to keep her skin smooth and velvety. By the time of the Romans, it was considered one of the elite remedies against drunkenness. Mattioli, an Italian humanist and doctor from the 16th Century, used almond for physical disabilities or where there was deterioration in health.

Further, it was used widely in throughout Arabic history and in the Middle Ages for its supposed aphrodisiac qualities. In fact, it was one of the main ingredients of many love potions. It was even customary to crush almonds, reducing them to a mush, and mix them with perfumed oils to create ointments and creams to be applied to the bodies of young girls of marrible age. 

Isabel Allende writes in Afrodita: “In mythology the almond is born from the vulva of the goddess Cybele (...) it is associated with passion and fertility and is the most sensual ingredient in Arabic pastry. In Italy it was used as a medicine and in a stimulating love potion, and perhaps it derives from there the habit of offering it before the meal as an aperitif. The aroma, penetrating, persistent and sometimes slightly bitter, is believed to excite women and for this reason it is liberally used in creams, soaps and massage lotions.”

This is probably the reason why sweet almond oil is still widely used in the cosmetic industry as an ingredient which is refreshing, elasticizing and an antioxidant, especially for babies and the elderly. It helps to combat signs of ageing and is used to treat dry, dehydrated and reddened skin, for pregnant women, post-natal and underweight women and as an adjuvant for the reduction of skin blemishes.

  • Extracted from cold pressed sweet almonds
  • Characteristic fresh almond aroma
  • Free of genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)
  • Obtained with renewable energy with ZERO impact

100% pure plant oil produced from cold pressed sweet almonds* (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) and plant sourced vitamin E. *Ingredient sourced from Controlled Organic Farms. 

As food, it is recommended to take 1-2 teaspoons per day. Ideal base oil for aromatherapy to be mixed with essential oils: mix a dose of Sweet Almond Oil with 2-3 drops of the 100% pure essential oils most suitable for the specific intended treatment.

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