Pure health and beauty compresses.

To purify, regenerate and tone up the skin in a 100% natural way. Face and body masks, poultices, baths, hand baths and footbaths.

Excellent base to vehiculate the extraordinary properties of 100% pure essential oils.


Clay has an great functionality at skin level, as it has the capacity to make it permeable. It releases its active substances and absorbs the toxins of the skin! It has important functionalities like the absorbing capacity, which allows it  to draw undesired microorganisms or molecules, that alter vital functions, out of the body; the rebalancing and stimulating action of the tissues; the remineralizing action thanks to its chemical composition; the draining and detox action and the lenitive action which helps to reduce irritation and pain. Every of these actions can be intensified by using 100% pure essential oils, hydrolates or floral water instead of natural water.

Dead Sea salt

The water of the Dead Sea is rich in salt: the evaporation caused by the hot and dry climate makes the salts carried by the river into the lake progressively concentrate. The Dead Sea salts are whole salts, have a high skin detox power and are also rich in oligo-elements. The latter, if dilssolved in water, penetrate the pores of the skin contributing to maintaining a good mineral balance, especially thanks to brome and magnesium, resulting in a relaxing effect. The Dead Sea salts come from the  natural crystallization of the water of this unique sea, both for its salt concentration and its sterility.

Dead Sea Mud

Dead Sea mud is a vulcanic mud dated thousands of years and rich in organic, inorganic and mineral elements. Very high concentration of salts (20%) unique in the world for purity and efficiency. Its composition guarantees the oxygenation of the skin, helps its breathing and stimulates its circulation. It works on the skin with the osmosis process, as well as the clay.


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