100% pure vegetable oil, elasticizing and firming for cosmetic beauty treatments.

For men and women.

Dermatologically tested.

Rosa mosqueta oil has a restitutive and regenerative action on tired and damaged skin.

Daily use helps to fight wrinkles and improveskin elasticity, stopping tissue relaxation.

It helps to prevent and treat the ravages of time on neck and face.

Rosa mosqueta oil has natural regenerative properties and it helps to revitalize tired skin by giving it a good hydration. It is an actual luxury beauty treatment for our face and body. It is extracted from the seeds of rosa mosqueta, a shrub present in almost every area with cold and rainy weather, which has found its ideal habitat in the central - souther areas of Chile.

This precious oil is rich in polyunsaturated essential fatty acids and molecules which are not produced by our organism but are taken from the outside through local applications and skin nourishment. Rosa mosqueta oil also contains other components, such as antioxidants, tocopherol, (vitamin E) and phytosterols. Rosa mosqueta oil is a real eudermic product, i.e. it improves the quality and beauty of our skin. In particular it helps mature, dry, chapped skin, which has lost its elasticity and firmness; it helps to fight  loss of elasticity and early ageing of the skin. It is perfect to be used after a burn, has excellent smoothing and reconstructive properties in case of skin marks and helps to reduce sun or age spots.


Synthetic fragrances

Synthetic substances
Petroleum derivatives

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