A New Era for Essential Oils

An excellent product is the result of an excellent active principle. It is on this assumption that the entire FLORA company production process is based. It is in fact from the choice of the active principle to be used (dried herbs, essential oils, extracts, and so on) that the road to qualitative and functional excellence begins.

FLORA uses analytical tools to determine the chemotype, the aromatic molecules and the consequent the targeted properties of 100% pure essential oils, as a way to evaluate and define their real beneficial activities and capacities. Aromatherapist doctors can thus find a valid help, supplementing traditional therapies by administrating essential oils for internal use for various everyday problems. From the commitment started in 1989 on the holistic aromatherapy front, FLORA today also addresses all its customers who want to find, in scientific aromatherapy, serious and recognized integration with traditional medicine.

With the line of 100% pure essential oils, notified as Integraflor food supplements, FLORA intends to bring a decisive boost to the search and realization of well-being, thanks also to the collaboration with professionals in the sector. They do not contain pesticides, heavy metals and toxic substances.



  • Steam distillation
  • Cold pressing of citrus epicarp


All our essential oils, in addition to having guaranteed organic origins, undergo continuous tests to check quality through organoleptic tests, certificates of analysis, careful sampling of the different vintages and gas chromatographic tests for the determination of the exact chemotype and aromatic profile. 


As written on the corresponding product label affixed to the FLORA essential oil vial, each batch supplied may have differences or variations in the chemotype and in the relative aromatic composition.


The Integraflor line essential oils are placed on the market as food supplements according to Legislative Decree 169/2004, by virtue of their physiological effects recognized on the body. For their use it is important to remember that they are very concentrated substances which should be used diluted, never undiluted. For the correct use and intake dosage, follow the instructions on the sales package of each product. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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