Sensitive Crystallisation

Energetic vibrations from essential oils

Visual assessment of the balance and strength of FLORA essential oils is an effective diagnostic method, originating from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, developed by E. Pfeiffer in the 1920s and 1930s. This assessment studies morphological variations in CuCl2 – 2H2O crystals caused by the addition of organic extracts. It allows for qualitative, visual and overall assessment of the state and energy balance of the essential oils analysed. Since 1989, we at FLORA have been constantly searching for essential oils that have high vibrations and are full of energy.

Crystallisation of mandarin essential oil

The diagram above shows an analysis of 100% pure essential oils of red mandarin in different qualities:

  1. - CONV (conventional farming). CONV mandarin essential oil causes limited variation to secondary formations and is unable to establish a new improved order in the complex. We could say that, particularly in the centre, it causes increased inconsistency and disorder.
  2. - BIO (organic farming). We can observe a significant step forwards in the analysis of organic mandarin essential oil: the centre has a cohesive shape, the image overall is balanced, the primary and secondary branches gain elasticity, expansion and cohesion. Some hardness, some “opposition”, some large disturbance formations (at 4 o’clock and 10 o’clock) remain; a relatively major inconsistency/indecision remains in the thinnest peripheral secondary branches (cf. the lower-right of the image).
  3. - DEMETER (biodynamic farming). The crystallisation image is completed and fully expressed in the Demeter mandarin essential oil: the figure is practically perfect – from the fully expressed fulcrum, to the symmetry and elegance, to the thick, flexible, coherent branches which, as they become thinner, reach the outermost parts. This impressive crystallisation is a textbook example in terms of composition, consistency and vitality.

In conclusion, sensitive crystallisation testing shows that Demeter mandarin essential oil is demonstrably better in terms of quality/vitality when compared with the congeners observed here.

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