Sensitive crystallization

The vibrating energy of essential oil

It is an efficient diagnostic method of visual assessment of the balance and the strenght of the essential oils FLORA, which originates from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and from the elaborations of E. Pfeiffer in the 1920s. It investigates the morphological variations of the crystals of CuCl2 - 2H2O induced by the addition of organic extracts. It enables a qualitative, visual and global assessment of the state and the energetic balance of the essential oils tested. Since 1989 FLORA has always been looking for essential oils with a high vibration and full of energy.

The crystallization of tangerine essential oil

The image in the previous page shows the analysis of  essential oils of 100% pure red tangerine of different qualities:

  1. CONV (from conventional farming). The essential oil of CONV tangerine slightly modifies secondary formations and cannot create a new and better order. In fact it implicates, especially at the center, more incoherence and chaos.
  2. BIO (from organic farming). A huge step forward is noticeable in the image of essential oil of  BIO Tangerine : the center  has a coherent shape,  the image as a whole is balanced, the primary and secondary ramifications gain elasticity, expansion and coherence. There is still some hardness, an “opposition”, some formations of impediment (at 4 and 10 o’clock). There is a critical incoherence/indecision  in the thinniest peripheral secondary ramifications (see the lower right part of the image).
  3. DEMETER (from biodynamic farming). The image of crytallization is complete only with the sample of essential oil of DEMETER Tangerine : the image is virtually perfect, from the fully expressed fulcrum , to symmetry,elegance, the dense,agile,coherent pattern of ramifications which reach the outermost parts getting thinner and thinner. An admirable crystillization, which is indisputable for composure, coherence and vitality.

In conclusion, the test of Sensitive Crystillazition shows that the sample of essential oil of  DEMETER Tangerine has a better quality/vitality compared to the congeners observed in this comparison.

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