An Italian company

FLORA products are the real expression of our passion and dedication. The daily welcome we give our Collegues, Farmers, Suppliers and Customers is caring and familiar.

Beyond Biological, towards Biodynamic, towards the Demeter.

To us biological is a lifestyle and a fundamental tool to contribute to change the world. FLORA’s business resources have been focused on finding certificated, high quality raw materials since 1989. The right choice is the difference between a product and another.

Your wellness before anything else.

You are our family and FLORA’s mission is to “give our best every day for you wellness”. To succeed, we invest our energies to guarantee a selective and conscious choice of raw materials, their producers and the methods to preserve and control the processes.

Our Values

  • Bond with Nature, perfect system of balance and prevention
  • Knowledge of Aromatherapy, as approach to balance the energies of body and soul
  • The research of “the very best”, without compromises, through the selection of the best extracts, the best 100% pure essential oils, the best plant-based active principles
  • Herbalist tradition that we implement with accuracy, rigor and modern scientific method
  • Product effectiveness to promote the physical and mental wellness of people
  • Product and process innovation to always be in the lead on the market
  • Transparency that we pursue on every of our business communication
  • Pureness that we obtain using the most authentic and natural extracts and raw materials of organic certification
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