“Our best is for your well-being every day.”

The mission of FLORA is an invitation to lead a responsible life towards ourselves and the others, in both the professional and the personal spheres. At FLORA, "doing the best every day" means a continuos and constant individual commitment to improve the quality of the work.

FLORA is essentially a way of life: the person is at the centre, an inseparable link with Nature, through the use of the essential oils. That's why since 1989 we have been proposing an approach to well-being through a very high selection of the materials, an attentive care of the production processes and the diffusion of the Aromaterapy's knowledge. On this basis we have built the complete range of our products over the years, where each of these products is not only conceived for its specific use, but it follows a broader philosophy in which everything comes back to the balancing role of Nature and to the psycho-physical well-being of the person.

At the Company

Every week there are meetings where all the employees are involved. The aim of these meetings is to inform, share, communicate and improve the work, the relationships and the personal and professional expression.

In Agricolture

Our best, without compromises. This is what we ask to our farmers/producers. The obtaining of an absolute quality, the most natural and pure one, in order to give wellness and healtcare to the people, respecting the environment, in balance with Nature, mantaining the fertility of the earth. From our side we guarantee to our farmers/producers the best working conditions with lasting collaboration agreements that respect the promised commitment.

In Production

The routine of the biological world is to list all the harmful elements that are not used in the product in order to make it a non-toxical and natural one. We like to think that the real difference in quality is the components and  the row material of a product, not so much what it does not contain. There are thousands of qualitative variants of each individual element we use. It's where the real purity, the exclusivity, the richness of our product come from. In this regard we apply our mission  without compromise: our best for your well-being every day.

On the Market

We always disclose and spread the cultures of Aromatherapy, well-being and prevention. We organize and promote holistic and scientific Aromatherapy classes. Biological and biodynamic agricolture are open to all: experts and not only that. We are actively present with on line and off line publications dedicated to the themes listed above. "All for the Aromatherapy" is what we offer inside our selection of products and services.

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