“Our best is for your wellbeing, every day.”

FLORA’s mission is to lead a responsible life  both professionallyand personally.

At FLORA, "doing the best every day" means continuous and constant individual commitment to improve.

Since 1989 we  have offered an integral approach to wellbeing by selecting very high quality materials, implementing high standards in production processand taken care to offer access to Aromatherapy knowledge. On this basis we have built the complete range of our products. Each product is not only made for its specific use but also  the philosophy where everything returns to the balancing role of Nature and  to everyone’s psycho-physical wellbeing.

The Company

We have weekly meetings which including all FLORA staff. The aim of these meetings is to inform, share, communicate and improve our work, relationships and personal as well as professional expression.


The best, without compromises. This is what we ask our farmers/producers. Obtaining  absolute quality, that which is most natural and pure, in order to be able to offer wellbeing while respect the environment. Again our guiding principle is to workin balance with Nature, maintaining, in the process of farming, the fertility of the earth. From our side we guarantee to our farmers and producers high standardworking conditions with lasting collaboration agreements. 


The normin the organic sector is to list all the harmful elements that are not used in the product to demonstrate it is non-toxic, natural. At FLORA we think the real difference in quality is the components and the raw material of a product, not just what it doesn’t contain. There are thousands of qualitative variants in each individual element we use. It's where the actual purity, exclusivity and the richness of our product is derived:. “Our best for your wellbeing, every day.


At FLORA we are committed to providing access to  techniques for wellbeing, preventive care and Aromatherapy culture and education,. We organize and promote holistic,scientific Aromatherapy classes. Our organicand biodynamic agriculture courses and workshops are open to all: experts or not. We  publish articles and books online and offline dedicated to the wellbeing, preventive care and Aromatherapy. 

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