Blends and Air Spray

Each color has its effect... what is your favourite color?

Blends and Air Spray with 100% pure, natural and total essential oils easy to use for a natural and healthy effect.


For a feeling of well-being.

Our blends of 100% pure and natural essential oils ensure the right fragrance for any situation. You just have to use them in an Aromatherapy lamp and in a diffusor to disseminate the fragrances and to improve your mood. The air inside the room is purified and dominated by delicate and wonderful scents thereby creating a pleasant and healthy atmosphere.


For an outbreak of spontaneous joy of living.

Use our practical Spray air for perfuming the air and creating a pleasant and healthy atmosphere at home. With these air fresheners with 100% pure essential oils, you can create the right atmosphere wherever you are in a instant. For the house, in the bathroom, in the living room, in the bedroom, at work and when you travel.


Revitalizing, tonic and stimulant.

Fruity, tonic and cheerful scents which cheer your mood and put the smile on your face. To improve your mood every moment of the day.


Sensual, harmonising and balanced.

Can you smell the scent of the grass in bloom yet? Floral fragrances, as sensual as both the rose and the jasmine, they help to recover your internal balance.


Clarifying, healing and refreshing.

Just take a breath! The fresh and clear scents of herbs and evergreen plants give a sense of vitality and freedom, just like a walk into the woods.


Scents for your relax, calming and rebalancing

Lasciati andare, trova la calma interiore e perditi nei tuoi pensieri semplicemente. I caldi, rilassanti e naturali profumi di lavanda, sandalo e neroli ti portano in un sogno ad occhi aperti e ti permettono di fantasticare.

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