Anti-redness Cream, 100 ml BIO-BDIH

Anti-redness Cream, 100 ml BIO-BDIH

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  • Gentle and soothing, healing and calming cream
  • Ideal for sore bottoms
  • Based on plant extracts and oils 



Anti-redness Cream from our BimBìo Line is a soothing and healing cream. It is the ideal product for the daily protection of babies’ and children’s delicate skin. It is a 100% natural cosmetic adjuvant useful to prevent redness and irritation caused by stagnation of sweat, urine or faeces in the nappy, by external agents such as cold, frequent washing and rubbing. The healing and soothing action of aloe vera, combined with the anti-redness and anti-itching action of the sterols of brassica campestris, enable protection and well-being of baby's skin. Ideal for delicate intimate parts, face and body. The Anti-redness Cream of our BimBìo Line is formulated without any kind of fragrance or essential oils, in order to boast ABSOLUTE ABSENCE of allergenic molecules (allergens) in the ingredients.

The Anti-redness Cream from our BimBìo Line is:

  • PROTECTIVE: hinders redness and irritation caused by stagnation of sweat, urine and faeces
  • HEALING AND SOOTHING: aloe barbadensis, jojoba oil and Brassica campestris help to soothe irritated skin, moisturize and make it soft and pure again.
Gentle, soothing, protective, healing and calming
Skin type
Suitable for all skin types
100 ml
12 M
Does not contain
Petroleum derivatives, dyes, perfumes and synthetic viscosifiers, preservatives, PEG and PPG, cosmetic allergens
  • BDIH Certified organic cosmetic
  • ORGANIC extract of aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis): soothing and healing
  • Sterols from Brassica campestris: anti-redness and anti-itch
  • ORGANIC jojoba vegetable oil (Simmondsia chinensis): protective and healing
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Obtained with renewable energy with ZERO impact
  • NO derived from petroleum, dyes, perfumes and synthetic viscosifiers, preservatives, PEG and PPG, cosmetic allergens

Aloe extract* (Aloe barbadensis), vegetable glycerine*, Brassica campestris sterols, Vitamin E, completely natural emulsifiers with excellent healing and moisturizing action sourced from plant oils. Ingredients are sourced from controlled Organic Farms*.

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) has soothing properties (helps calm irritation and reduce redness), nourishing, healing, dermo-protective, cicatrizing, humectant (moisturizes the skin by promoting water retention in the tissues), reconstituting (helps to quickly repair tissues and membranes).

Brassica campestris is better known as rape and its sterols are obtained from the seeds. To sterols are attributed regenerating and restructuring as well as soothing properties, making them exceptionally skin-friendly.

Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) is an excellent 100% pure plant oil for cosmetic use, with a high protective and healing power on epidermis cells. Actually, at a chemical level it is a wax; it helps maintain the skin's natural moisture and prevents dehydration.

Illipe butter (Shorea stenoptera) is very rich in fatty acids (in particular oleic, palmitic and stearic). It is eudermic (i.e. it improves the skin's state of nutrition), moisturizing and elasticizing.  

Spread a small amount of Anti-redness Cream on the irritated part. During a nappy change, make sure the skin on the bottom and groin is well cleaned before. Use at all nappy changes. 

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