For the  hygiene and purification of the air in closed environment. Efficient alternatives to synthetic products already in the market.

Protect your spaces with 100% pure, natural and complete essential oils, known for their strong refreshing, purifying and broad spectrum deodorant action.

Oil, fan and ultrasonic lamps, air sprays and diffusers to respond to all the needs.

Aromatherapy lamps use the heat of a candle or a light bulb to spread the perfume of the essential oils in the air.

Through olfaction the perfume can influence the emotions and the personal harmony, producing an immediate benefit. In fact, the essential oils are transported on specific nasal receptor cells after inhaling and from here they are transported until the limbic system, which is composed of amygdala and hippocampus, also known as reptilian brain, which is the centre of emotions. From here then start specific neurochemical transmitters which involve both the emotional sphere and other behavioural, psychic and neurological manifestations.

It is recommended to only use 100% pure, natural and complete essential oils, above all those from organic and biodynamic farming, in order to fully appreciate the plants' benefits, avoiding pollution caused by synthetic essences and perfumes.

Purify your spaces with pure, natural and complete essential oils, known for their strong refreshing, and purifying action.

The uses recommended by Lady FLORA

For places where there are children

To prevent dust mites and other undesirable organisms

For the closets

For the car and travels

To purify the working environments

For pet spaces

To combat the musty smell

For day and night


Synthetic fragrances

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