Health product line from Italian apiaries.

The synergy with essential oils guarantees a safe and effective purifying action in preventing and treating common winter illnesses.

An actual cure-all to help us with natural and pure ingredients.

The Sanatos line is developed with apiaries products, honey and propolis from organic apiculture!!!

The miracles of bees: honey and propolis are real cure-alls to help in the prevention of common winter illnesses, with natural and pure products! Pleasant and balsamic smell. The honey and propolis used in the products of the Sanatos line are obtained naturally form bees in Tuscan and Italian valleys, without forced production techniques.

Honey is the food substance produced by bees starting from the nectar of flowers or secretions of alive plant parts which they collect, transform, combine with their own substances and deposit them in their honeycombs. There are a lot of exchanges among bees, inside the honeycomb, which enable a gradual maturing and enrichment of the enzymes which derive form the glandular secretions of the bees. The main components of honey are fructose, glucose, water and other substances, such as organic acids, mineral salts, enzymes, aromas and many others. Honey has a lot of nutrients, easy to be assimilated. Glucose provides energy to be used immediately, fructose is metabolized in the liver and is an energy reserve. Crystallization is a natural process which mainly depends on composition and temperature: the bigger the quantity of glucose, the quicker process. If temperatures are low it will be inhibited.

Propolis is used by bees to cover all of the inner surfaces of the beehive, honeycomb and the walls of the hive, with the purpose of preserving the environment they live in from the spreading of pathogens. Propolis has high natural antibacterial and antibiotics properties. Its smell is very characteristic and pleasant, very similar to the one of honey, plus strong balsamic notes. It is rich in flavonoids, in particular in galangin (typical of propolis collected in broad-leaf woods) and in pinocembrin (present especially in propolis of conifer woods), responsible for its beneficial effects on the throat and vocal cords.

The synergy of 100% pure, natural and complete essential oils of hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), mint (Mentha arvensis and Mentha x piperita), orange (Citrus aurantium) and thyme (Thymus serpyllum) with honey and propolis creates high quality products and effectiveness: sweet, balsamic and herbaceous notes, ideal for our wellbeing, that of our throat and our vocal cords!


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