Sensitive Crystallization

The energetic vibration of essential oil

This is an effective diagnostic method for visually assessing the balance and strength of FLORA essential oils originating from Rudolf Steiner's theories and E. Pfeiffer's elaboration in the 1920s-30s. It studies the morphological variations of CuCl2-2H2O crystals induced by the addition of natural extracts. It enables a qualitative, visual and global assessment of the state and energy balance of the essential oils analyzed. Since 1989 FLORA has always searched for essential oils with high vibration and energy.

Crystallization of mandarin essential oil

In the figure above, 100% pure red mandarin essential oils of different qualities are analyzed:

  1. CONV (from conventional agriculture). Mandarin EO CONV hardly modifies the secondary formations, and fails to establish a new and better order in the whole. On the contrary, it seems to lead, especially in the center, to greater inconsistency and disorder.
  2. BIO (organic farming). A great improvement can be seen in the BIO mandarin EOsample: the center finds a coherent form, the image as a whole is balanced, the primary and secondary ramifications take on elasticity, expansion, and coherence. Some hardness remains, some ‘opposition,’ some large disturbed formations (at 4 o'clock and 10 o'clock), a relatively serious inconsistency/indecision remains in the more subtle peripheral secondary branches (see the whole of the lower right-hand part of the figure).
  3. DEMETER (from biodynamic agriculture). Crystallization is complete and fully expressed only in the DEMETER mandarin EO specimen; the figure is virtually perfect, from the fully expressed fulcrum to the symmetry, elegant, dense, agile, coherent weave of branches that, gradually thinning, reach the outer parts. It is an admirable crystallization, exemplary in its composition, coherence and vitality.

In conclusion, the Sensitive Crystallization test shows that the DEMETER Mandarin Essential Oil sample is clearly higher quality/vitality than the other samples observed in this comparison.

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