Lady FLORA: the maiden who pours fragrances

When FLORA was establishedin 1989, we wanted to  find a name and symbol of passion, elegance, care and love towards our work that, at the same time, could represent something as precious  drops of essential oils, rich as they are in beneficial properties.

We landed on “FLORA”, simple and elegant, full of symbolism and meaning, and after much research Sonia De Angelis and Mario Rosario Rizzi found the perfect image  at the National Roman Museum-Palazzo Massimo alle Terme. The choice fell on a particular vignette in a fresco made in 19 B.C. in the Villa Farnesina, located along the banks of ancient Rome 

Aromatherapy was very common in ancient Rome, as the power of the perfume of officinal plants and flowers and its beneficial effects that, through the sense of smell and massage, can reach both body and soul. The fresco shows a young lady, the goddess of the first natural cosmetics, pouring with concentration, care and love, drops of precious substances from oneampoule to another. Through this act she conveys:

  • Ancient wisdom and knowledge
  • Experience of antique traditions
  • Attention and consciousness
  • Simplicity and concreteness
  • Elegance and preciousness
  • The spirit of action

The evolution of FLORA

Since 1989 FLORA has evolved and changed many times within the guidelines of preciousness, elegance and purity. These days, a new era has also begun for our packaging; we are abandoning strong colors and returning to our original pastel shades. .

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