Social commitment

Volunteering activities developed by FLORA aim to support Non-Governmental Organizations and associations to improve living conditions and social coexistence in all poor populations that cannot enjoy privileged ("normal") conditions such as ours.

Within our company, social volunteering is of fundamental importance precisely by virtue of its mission: to give the best of ourselves everyday, for the well-being of others. Specifically, we support three humanitarian organizations engaged in the poorest countries.


The association has initiated concrete aid projects for poor populations, contributing in particular to the preservation and recovery of the culture and traditions of the Tibetan populations in the Himalayas.

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Small Kadampa stupa

Made according to ancient Tibetan tradition

measures 7x17 cm

Tibetan stupa

Made according to the ancient Tibetan tradition

measures 10x10x13 cm

Pomaia Stupa

Painting of the Pomaia Stupa symbol of Peace in the World.

Reproduction in parchment paper of a STUPA made in watercolor by the nun Ven. Iscia. measures 68 x 48 cm

Free Tibet parchment

Reproduction on parchment paper of the map of ancient Tibet with inscriptions in gold "Free Tibet" in 56 languages of the world.

measures 72 x 32 cm

TARA Children’s Project

“Universal Education” project in India aims to provide a safe, family environment for orphaned children where they can live in a safe environment, learn ethics and basic values of sociable coexistence: forgiveness, joy, patience, kindness. In addition, the children are provided with a school education, holistic healthcare and psycho-social support.

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The Alice Project is a Non-Governmental Association recognized by the Indian Government which aims to increase access to education for the most disadvantaged rural populations of some states of India (Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh).

The mission for unity to go beyond religious, territorial and social class diversity and the possibility of offering a high level of education are the foundations of the Alice project.

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