The social commitment

The voluntary activities developed by FLORA, aim to support non-governmental organizations and associations, to improve the living and the social coexistence conditions of all the poor populations which can't have our privileged ("normal") conditions.

Inside our company, the voluntary work is significant on the basis of our mission: giving the best of us every day, for the well-being of everybody else. In particular we support three humanitarian organizations which are engaged in the poorest countries.


The association activated concrete projects which help poor populations, contributing in particular to the preservation and the recovery of both culture and traditions of the Tibetan populations in the Himalayas.

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TARA Children’s Project

Project in India by "Universal Education" which aim to provide orphan children a safe and domestic atmosphere where they can learn the ethics and the values of the peaceful coexistence: release, joy, patience, kindness. Other than that, children are supported in school education and  holistic healthcare and psycho-physical are provided.

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The Alice Project is a non-governmental association, regularly recognised by the Indian government, which aim to increase the possibility of access to education for the poorest rural populations of some states of India (Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh). The research of unity to go beyond the religious, territorial and social differences and the possibility to offer a high level of education, represent the foundations of the Alice Project.

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