Tradition for a young body

Functional cosmetic line for the beauty of body and face, with plant-based, effective, certificated  and safe ingredients. Dermatologically tested.

Elasticizing and revitalizing action against stretch marks and wrinkles.

Suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive one.

Softness and elasticity against wrinkles.

Shea butter line, regenerating and softening. It has an anti-ageing action and attenuates wrinkles. A small amount is enough to appreciate the extraordinary properties. Just apply it to your hand and massage until completely absorbed.
Shea butter is renowned for its elevated  hydrating, calming, re - epithelizing, lenitive, elasticizing and antioxidant action (thanks to the presence of vitamin E). Moreover, thanks to the presence of unsaponifiables and its unquestionable eudermic properties, it promotes the preservation of the natural skin elasticity, as it has an action on the production of fibroblasts, collagen and elastin. It is a real balm for dry and ageing skin, which need deep hydration.
Shea butter is ideal to apply even on areas more subject to relaxation, such as face and neckline. It can also be successfully used on areas characterized by thickenings and callosity, such as elbows, knees and heels: the skin will immediately feel soft and silky! Since it is rich in vitamins, it can be applied even on the sensitive skin of children and elderly people even in case of reddening or irritation. It also protects against the aggressive action of smog and atmospheric agents, keeping the skin elastic.


Synthetic perfumes
Petroleum derivates

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