High quality vegetable plants and floral waters perfect for skin and body care and beauty, cold pressed or macerated.

Finest base oil and floral waters for Aromatherapy and natural cosmetic's treatments,

perfect vectors to be mixed with 100% pure essential oils.

High quality vegetable oils and floral waters perfect for skin and body care and beauty,

cold pressed or macerated.

These unrefined plant oils are great basis for Aromatherapy's treatments. During the physiological ageing process of the skin, this last undergoes a gradual formation of beauty problems on the basis of her typology. In order to tackle it, the skin can be helped. A very effective way is that of nourish her with plant oils which are known in general for their tonic, nourishing, elastic and moisturizing properties, obviously according to the various plant extracts.
The plant oils, which are insulating and softening, can delay the water evaporation of the epidermal surface thanks to their occlusive property: this allows to increase the quantity of water which is really contained inside the stratum corneum, in order to regulate the water regime; all this to ensure a healthy, soft and polished epidermis. Concerning the Aromatherapy's massages, all these plant oils may be used as pure or as carriers for 100% pure, complete and natural essential oils.


  • Aloe vera for normal or dry skin: balanced, emollient, moistening, moisturizing
  • Argania for normal or dry skin: mosturizing, protective, refreshing, antioxidant
  • Arnica for impure or irritated skin: smoothing, astringent
  • Avocado for very dry and dehydrated skin: refreshing, revitalizing, replenishing, sweetening, anti-aging
  • Marigold for tired and irritated skin: emollient, refreshing, smoothing
  • Hemp for all skin types: refreshing, protective, moisturizing, softening
  • Carrot for all skin types: anti-aging, emollient, tanning
  • Coconut for normal or dry skin: smoothing, moisturizing, elasticizing
  • Hypericum for all skin types, especially for dry skin: refreshing, smoothing, replenishing, emollient
  • Jojoba for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin: moisturizing, protective
  • Flax for all skin types: elasticizing, antioxidant, anti-aging
  • Neem for impure skin: moisturizing, refreshing, restructuring
  • Castor oil for all skin types: elasticizing, moisturizing, anti-aging

In addition to pure 100% plant oils mentioned  above, Purezza line includes also hazelnut oil and wheat germ oil, both for internal use. They’re really appreciated for their composition, rich in vitamins and saturated fatty acids. When used daily, they help to remineralize, nourish and energize the body, leading him to its natural equilibrium.

Floral waters for the care and the beauty of your face

During the plants' distillation, in addition to essential oils, the floral waters are produced as well. Since there is a low percentage of essential oil in floral waters, the latter are perfect for all skin types. The alcool which is contained (14%) is plant-based and organic and it is used to inhibit the potential formation of bacteria, preserving the product.
FLORA floral waters are efficient cosmetics, because they contain a small percentage of essential oil but wihout terpenes, their irritating part.

The salts which are contained in normal water are absent, since the hydrolats are obtained by steam distillation, but we can find the water-soluble standard principles, which are characteristic of the plant, but which we do not find in the essential oil!
Floral waters are perfect for the combination with clay and in the mix of face, hair and body masks, because they increase the functions of clay and essential oils with their qualities.
We are talking about waters which are perfect for taking care of your skin in a delicate, natural and extremely scented way! They are neither aggressive nor irritating. For convenience, the packages comprise the spray diffuser.


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